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UP / Upcycled Paint

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Venetian Plaster In Art

If you've been following me for know I love me some Venetian plaster in my art! A few weeks ago I happened upon a new Venetian plaster at Michaels and had to grab a can to try it out...and I was delightfully surprised before I even opened the can!

In reading the label I found out more about this company than I would have expected. The name UP stands for upcycled paint and I'm going to post a photo of their story for you to read too...I was even more excited to try out paint from a company that is doing something to help our environment.

paint product, Venetian plaster, up paint
Upcycled Paint

paint label, up cycled paint, paint can, paint label
UP Cycled Paint Story

Aside from doing something to rescue the environment in their own special way...I loved the was so fun to work with! I started out to do a few sample boards and ended up with 8 pieces of art! Now that's a good day in the studio every which way you look at it! And it's a pretty easy product to find if you have a Michaels Art & Craft store in your locale (mine is literally across the street from me)!

So I'm really happy I grabbed this cool product off the shelf and will be playing with it more in my coming art pieces. They also make chalk paint and latex paint...lots more to explore. Here's the link if you're interested in finding out more about UP and their paints.

If you'd like to see how I get started working this product

into new art in the studio...hit the button below.

If all goes well I'll have a few of these pieces at my upcoming shows this year.

Make a note, save the dates and be sure to stop by and see me!

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2024 Art Show Calendar





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