It's been suggested that...

I'm a bit of a paper hoarder!

I wake up most mornings and head off to my studio with papers in one hand, paint in the other and something in my mind I can't wait to get onto a canvas...the days adventure starts from there. Often using cast off papers and substrates as my favorite mediums to work with, I'm always surprised at what people toss away.  I feel like I'm saving valuable resources while creating something of beauty with them in the process.

There are so many wonderful avenues to take in art...I love the exploration!  Whether I'm standing in front of my easel or a classroom full of students, it's what keeps me excited about this expressive's ever changing, aways adventurous and completely delightful.  


Denise's background includes lengthy creative careers in both Visual Presentation and as a faux finish and mural artist.  Mural work eventually led her to painting on canvas and her merchandising eye for putting things together stirred an interests towards mixed media and assemblage art.  A self taught artist, once Denise discovered painting on canvas, she set about learning as much as she could about painting techniques and medias by taking countless painting classes and workshops.  Along with painting in her studio most days, Denise teaches mixed media painting classes online. See her current classes and workshops HERE or sign up to recieve updates on classes and events HERE.

Exhibits and Awards
San Diego Watercolor Society International Show • Juror Micheal Reardon • Jordon Ressler Award
Neutral & Natural • Juror Pasha Turley
Many Faces Of Red • Juror Lisa Bebi • Ashton Gallery
Tapping • Student Teacher show with Marla English
Centered On The Center • Huntington Beach Art Center
New Beginnings • Oceanside Museum Of Art /Juror Kate Ashton • Owner of Ashton Gallery San Diego
Art Of Love • Ashton Gallery
National Crow Show • Juror Chris Redfern / Executive Director of the San Diego Audubon Society • The Studio Door San Diego
Ivory Dreams • Jurors Peter & Ann Pfau / Art Collectors • Honorable Mention Award
Double Trouble • Juror Elizabeth Cumming / Art Curator • Best In Show
San Diego Fair Fine Art • Two Honorable Mentions
75 & Sunny • Juror Cindy Blumkin • Ashton Gallery
Growing Wild • Oceanside Museum Of Art Art Alliance • Jurors Kathi McCord & Peter Tobias • San Diego Botanical Gardens 
True Blue • Juror Liz Jardin • Ashton Gallery
All Mixed Up• Jurors Lois Draper & Cliff MacRenolds
 Piece By Piece / Assemblage Art   Solo Exhibit •  Encinitas Program For The Arts
Assemblage Art / Mixed Media Art • Two Honorable Mentions • San Diego County Fair Fine Art Show
Creamsicle • Jurors Tina & Craig Abernethy / Art Collectors • First Place Award • Ashton Gallery 
Going Green • Juror Brenda York / Artist • Ashton Gallery 
Papered • Juror Kate Ashton /Jurors Choice Award • Ashton Gallery
Home & Harvest •Jurors Mary & Ken Hotelling / Art Collectors • Honorable Mention • Ashton Gallery
Blackout National Show • Juror Daniel Foster / 30 year career in arts & museum • Ashton Gallery
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