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A Few Of My Favorite Art Supplies

art supplies, art brushes, acrylic paint, woodies pencils
Denise Cerro Art Supplies

This week has been a fun and busy week...though not much art was going on! I've been thinking about what's up next and planning ahead... and gathering my supplies. I thought it would be a fun post and apropos to share some of my favorite supplies with let's get right to it.

Above are a few of my favorites...small hardwood boards to play with and paint 'littles' on, also great to have for art shows and gifts. I also have a large selection of brushes in every size, along with silicone color shapers. Golden Artist Colors are a heavily color saturated fine art paint that are beautiful to work with, along with my Stabilo water soluble Woodies when I feel like throwing a few marks down on my surface.

Papers are a must...and I have so many it's kinda ridiculous! I just can't throw away a scrap, a tag, a bag, a newspaper clipping, a book page, and envelope, a letter....and the list goes on and on. Yet, before you ask, they are all neatly colorized in drawers so I know just where to go when I need a certain color...or...I just grab the paint color I need and recolor a scrap of paper...that easy!

art boards, Venetian plaster, artwork
Venetian Plaster Art Boards

Next up...I really enjoy working on a surface that has been covered in Venetian plaster. You can add your desired color of paint to the plaster and make it your own, trowel it on a board (this is so fun), smooth it out and let it dry. It's a super hard finish as it's made from marble dust, and you can go back into it with gouges and scratches for some really great marks. I like to use the smooth plaster for a nice finish to work over, although a more textured plaster works great too.

golden paint supplies, gesso, art supplies
Golden Gesso

Getting started with a few good coats of gesso makes all the difference in it looks and how nice it is to paint over, especially if you sand between coats. I like the heaviness of Golden gesso and also use it as a white paint in my work.

acrylic paints, paint tubes, artist paints
Assorted Acrylic Paints

OK...I know I said I love golden artist color paints...but I also LOVE student grade paints in the tube. They are more fluid and glide onto your surface with ease. They can tend to be a little less opaque and are not as saturated with pigment as the better artist colors...but they are great for starting off a painting. If you aren't sure what you want to paint, or are just experimenting, these are a great way to can always go back over them with better paints as top colors for a final painting.

Oil pastels, art pastels, artist colors, pastel set
Oil Pastels

I'm crazy for the marks an oil pastel makes and the strong saturated color they offer up in mark making. Whether at the start, mid way through or to finish off a painting they are really nice to add into your piece as it's a different application to lay color down with and adds interest to your painting. You must remember, oil pastels never dry! So if you use them be sure to use a spray fixative to seal them in place before top coating with a water based top coat.

art pencils, stabilo pencil, artist supplies
Stabilo Pencil

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my all time favorite tool...a Aquarellable

Stabilo black. If you know my work you know I always finish up with Stabilo marks and lines...somewhere, somehow I get them in. Albeit I do swear at this tool sometimes...but it's mostly because I forget to seal it in before brushing top coats over it. This is a water soluble pencil, if it's not sealed first it will smear when you brush paint or finishing top coats over it, so be sure to seal it with a spray coat.

You can see some of these tools put to good use in either of the videos below...

just click on the photo and it'll take you there!

You can also check in the description of either of these videos for a list and links to my supplies. To be fair...I do get a small commission from items you link and purchase from my Amazon no additional cost to you. It's a small way to support me and my art with some of Jeff Bezzo's money!🤭

That's what I have for you this week. It's all pretty basic supplies...there is so much more once you start and get going. I tend to use what I know and what I get used's time to shake it up a bit. What are some of your favorite art tools, your go to's...what are your art tool suggestions. Please share and post them in the comments below.

See You Next Week


A true artist is not one who is inspired...

but one who inspires others.

Salvador Dali

If you are in town today, Sunday March 10th from 1 to 5,

come see the amazing solo art exhibit by Susie Zol and meet the artist.

I'll also be in the be sure to stop by and say hi.

F1VEart Studio & Gallery

Arts District Liberty Station

2730 Historic Decatur Road

Studio 206

San Diego, CA 92106


Mar 11

Great ideas!Thank you for your generosity.

Denise Cerro
Denise Cerro
Mar 11
Replying to

Thank you for being here!😉


Mar 10

Denise, by this definition you are definitely a true artist because you inspire me! Thank you for your generosity of spirit and of your time. I’m about to start CVP (Creative Visionary Program) with Nicholas Wilton out of Sausalito. This will be my second time doing the course, and I can only hope that it will be as inspirational this time as it was the first. And maybe this time, Ii’ll get it!

Thanks again!

All the best,


St. Augustine, Florida

Denise Cerro
Denise Cerro
Mar 11
Replying to

Best of creativity in the CVP with Nicholas, Kathe... I took it for three years, I think at the same time you's a great program. And...thank you for the kind words ...and as always...for following me along!😊

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