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One of the first Remnant pieces and the piece that inspired adding a 3D element to each board.  I've had this drawer pull for many years in my called back to childhood memories of our kitchen cabinet doors and drawer hardware.  I've always loved the I flattened this one out and finally gave it a home in this piece Copper Memories.


Remnants.  Inspired by my love and appreciation of old things, seemingly cast off items that could be easily traded in for something shiny and new…instead I see the beauty that still exists there.  In a small piece of floral paper that is no less beautiful than the larger piece it was cut from?  The rusty hinge that becomes more handsome because of it’s colored patina?  A plaster wall more interesting because of the history within the cracks of its surfaces?


We are, everything is, made up of the same matter and differs only by the energy we assign it.  I’m inspired by the bits and pieces I come across in my day, whether it be strip of paper left on my art table, dried paint on my palette, a scrap of metal  I come across while out walking, a dried flower blown in on a breeze.  Giving these bits a new life in a work of art is a great honor and something I am inspired to do with the pieces I find…Remnants.


Original Mixed Media: Venetian Plaster, paint, paper, 3D elements

12x12 12x12 on floating board ready to hangon board ready to hang

Copper Memories 12x12

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