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Changing Art With Apps That Make It Easy

Before I start chatting you up about the changes in my weekly blog...I thought it would be fun to share another change I made this week with a piece of art for one of my very favorite clients and collectors. The theme of this week seems to be about change!

So here's the story...there was this piece of store bought art ( below ) that worked great in this room, until the room decided to go more neutral. The size of the art was perfect and the design wasn't too bad either...but the colors needed to take a chill pill and calm the heck down. That's where I came in!

I picked up the piece, brought it back to my studio to see what I could do without redesigning the whole thing...not reinventing the wheel so to speak. This is where my favorite apps came into play. First I went to YouDoodle ( a mobile app I use on my iPad ), that lets me draw on photos I download from your photo library. It allows users to play with ideas on a piece of art without committing to paint, making it easy to share with my client to make sure they know what I'm up to and are in agreement with the changes. This app is great for anyone, not just artists. It's a really easy and creative way to play with photos once you get the hang of it. Below is a quick reference photo on YouDoodle of what my plans were...and the button will take you to the YouDoodle app.

I stuck pretty close to the idea I created in YouDoodle...and then moved onto my next favorite program...Canva! In Canva I was able to take the photo of the piece I created in YouDoodle, paste it in the photo of the room, placing it over the couch so we could see what it would look like in the setting. I love how easy this is for my client and I both to be able to get a better idea of the finished project...magic! Canva is also a program anyone can make good use of on their desktop computer or mobile....also not just for artists! Here's the link...

Here's the finished piece...the colors worked much better in this room, with one final change...flip it upside down! That was the homeowners idea and it was just the right thing to do...and now the room is complete! This was so fun to work on and streamlined by having these tools to work with. If you haven't used them...give em a try with your next home or art project.

(this is not a paid announcement, just a few tips from a fan)


In that same vein I've also been changing up some of my own work. If anything sits around my studio long enough, sooner or later it's up for a change, as shown above with "Weeding The Garden" changing to "Wildflower Symphony". Below, "Organizing Emergent Patterns" is in the process of becoming a vase of flowers.


And One More Change

You might notice that my format is a little different here in my blog...cause it is! I'm finally giving into my website wishes to use the actual blog platform each week, instead of the pretty newsletter format I've come to love so much. I know it might take an extra click or two on your part to get to where the reading and pretty pictures begin...I sure hope you'll stick with me! Let me know what you think in the comments...and while your at it, tell me if there are any art subjects, projects, tips you'd like to know more you can tell...I'm always happy to share.

If there was no change...we wouldn't have butterflies!

Enjoy this beautiful day my friends!

3 comentários

Membro desconhecido
28 de mar. de 2022

Love it all!


Membro desconhecido
27 de mar. de 2022

I love the repainted piece!

Denise Cerro
Denise Cerro
27 de mar. de 2022
Respondendo a

Thanks Dianne! I actually love painting over a adds to the layers and it's just plain fun!💛

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