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Save The Date / Solo Art Show

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My Corner Of The Studio

Let me start my post this week by thanking you, my readers, for sticking with me each week while I post about what I've been up to in (and sometimes out of) the studio. I have to's kinda fun to sit down at weeks end and think about what just went on, and how my readers might also benefit from what I've discovered and learned about doing art, sharing someone else's art techniques and ideas along with art events that are happening. And yes, sometimes getting the word out when I have a new series of work I want to share with you in the studio, my website or an art all gets added in here on my blog. So I can't thank you enough for giving me a reason to show up every week and spill the beans on what's going on from my corner of the studio!

Being a full time artist is somewhat of a deceiving more a long list of part time jobs...

marketing and promotion • social media-ing • blog writer • accountant • videographer • frame maker • supply shopper • exhibiting and sharing • networking and collaborating • being part of running an active art studio. Whew... and then there's time needed for making art...

developing concepts • experimenting with new techniques • research and study • making art!

So it goes without saying that I am taking the rest of this year (not much left) to play with some new art ideas I have tumbling around in my head for a new series...I'm pretty excited about that. And that is where the save the date and solo show come in...but not just for me!

My Solo Show / Save The Date

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I'll be in my studio over the holidays making plans and art for a completely new series,

because I'll be the first solo show of 2024 in the F1VEart Gallery! It doesn't give me a lot of time, but once I get going I do make a lot of art!

January 14, 2024

Sunday Afternoon

1 to 4

I chose to be the first solo show because January is my birthday month and this is a big one folks...big for me anyway...I've never been 70 before!!!

There is a lot to be excited about in this coming I hope you can come by and help me get 2024 started off with your smiling faces, encouragement and support at my show!


Maybe you want to have a solo art show too?

F1VEart Studio & Gallery is delighted to extend an invitation to Southern California artists for the opportunity to showcase their talent at one of five exclusive solo exhibits scheduled for 2024. We eagerly anticipate providing space for these juried exhibitions and if you are an artist who would be interested...send an email to and get on our interest list and we'll forward a prospectus to you shortly. You can read more about it by hitting the link below. if you need more...while I'm taking a little holiday break, I also have a few videos from my library queued up to share on my YT can check this weeks video out by hitting the button below.

Sometimes it's good to take a long as your remember...

it's only a break!


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