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Mixed Media Art Starts...and teaching art!

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Denise Cerro Artist

When are you teaching your next mixed media art class?

...a question that I am frequently asked.

I gotta tell you, it makes me feel so good when someone wants to take a class from me...I do love mixed media art and teaching what I know and do with it. I'm sure you know (or can imagine) teaching takes a lot of planning and preparation beyond the time actually spent in front of a class. I wish it were as easy as painting a demo and helping students with their art pieces, though that's just the fun part of teaching...there is so much more when you want to do the job right!

One of my favorite things to do and teach is to paint over pieces and get a fresh new mixed media re-start on them! Below are a series of pieces I started exactly one year ago in preparation for a workshop I would be teaching at the San Diego Watercolor Society in the Arts District of Liberty Station. Afterward I set them aside and forgot all about them.

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Denise Cerro / F1VEart Studio & Gallery

When I wanted to start a new series this last week I came across them and decided to get back to it with a different set of eyes. I chose three of the six and got started covering things up, adding more papers to see where it would take me. I put on music and just played. Below is where I left them to rest, though this time around I'll be finishing them next week.

So for now...I'm going to continue playing and take a break from teaching and focus my attention and time on my own art practice...freeing up time to explore where I want to go with my art next. It feels good!

That being said...I still like to keep my teaching muscle in shape, and feel I get to do that over on YouTube. I love sharing what I'm working on in the studio and it lets me do my own art and teach all at the same time. Best's free to Youtube viewers.

I have a few ideas of where I want these pieces to go, and shared the starts in Studio Session's this week on my channel, next week I'll show where they end up. You can hit the big red button below and head over to my channel to check it out. If you subscribe while you're there, you'll be reminded next week to see them completed...all for free! I hope you enjoy them as much as I'm enjoying working on them...see you next week.

The Art of Teaching is the art of assisting discovery

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