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Have You Met My Friend Susie?

abstract figurative painting,
Susie Zol Art

As many of you know...I am one of six artists in the F1VEart Studio and Gallery, in our third year of sharing our art experiences with each other, our collectors and our friends. One of the cool perks of sharing a studio is the camaraderie and bonds that are made in that wonderfully creative environment. Susie Zol is one of those.

abstract artist, Susie Zol artist, painter
Susie Zol Artist

I actually met Susie back in early 2018 when I started painting in a different studio with her and the 3 other artists who eventually became (along with me) the founding members of the F1VEart Studio. Susie would come into that studio, set up her supplies, canvas up on the easel and quietly work on her piece. She was always very intent on her art...and the person I would interrupt for advice on whatever I was working on when I was stuck and needed another eye to see my way through. Needless to say I am a big fan of Susies art...and while in the F1VE Studio have had the pleasure of being right along side her as our art practice and friendship continues to develop and grow.

All that being said...if you already know Susie Zol you know she is soulful and intentional in whatever she takes on. Her upcoming solo exhibition in the F1VEart Gallery is no exception and a window into who she is and how she sees the world around her. If you don't know Susie...let me introduce you...

abstract figure, abstract painting
I Am Entirely Possible

F1VEart Studio & Gallery


Susie Zol Solo Exhibition

find yourSELF


Viewing Susie’s solo show titled ‘find yourSELF’ becomes a journey within, discovering connections and reflections. Each stroke of color represents thoughts, emotions and memories. Some are bright and vibrant, filled with joy and happiness. Others are dark and somber, filled with pain and sorrow. Within these landscapes, figures and portraits, may you find yourSELF. As you study each piece, may your imagination fill with the waters of inspiration flowing over, under and through you. As you interpret each painting, may you feel the shifting seasons and connect with the energy of life’s constant renewal. As you reflect on everyday moments of gratitude, simple acts of kindness and precious sights of awe and wonder in the natural world, let these paintings bring you closer to finding yourSELF

You can read more about Susies process of creating the piece I Am Entirely Possible

by click the button here...

We would love for you to join us in celebrating Susie and her latest works of art!

Opening Reception

Sunday, March 10th from 1 - 5pm

Show Dates

March 10 through March 23

F1VEart Studio & Gallery


Meanwhile back in the home studio...

artist studio, mixed media artist, Denise Cerro
Denise Cerro Studio

I've been playing technical support with my computers instead of art this week and actually feeling pretty good about the progress I've made. Mainly reviewing and deleting many of the videos I've let live on my computer and external hard drive for way, way too long. With the help of 8 different Apple advisors over the week...I have learned so much and feel like I now have a handle on it...Yippeeeee! Such a good feeling...until the next mishap!

Before I permanently delete some of those videos, I've lined them up to share on my YouTube channel. This week I shared part one of an online demo I did last year for the SD Water Color Society on mixed media floral painting. Hit the button below and take a look.

mixed media art, mixed media floral, floral painting


Through This New Week...

May we choose to self love rather than self-loath.

May we choose to create rather than criticize.

May we choose to flow rather than fight.

May we give your all rather than give up.

s.c. Lourie

Wishing you a meaningful and beautiful week!

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Mar 24

Thank you, Denise, for an inspirational post today, especially for including your gathering of various wildflowers on your morning walk. I am interested to know more about your friend, Susan, who changed your skincare regimen all for the better. Can you share more about her and her products? I'd be super interested. I'm in my 70s and always looking for good tips and products to keep my skin healthy and as youthful as possible.

Thank you,

Carole Serling,


. P.S. I me you a few years ago at the Encinitas Car Wash when I admired a shoulder purse you were carrying that you had painted. It inspired me to look you up and have followed your art journey…

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