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Gelli Papers + ReBoot


And now for something completely different!

Here it is, headed into the second week of February, and I'm just getting back to my original plan for this year...simplify! As soon as I wrote that word down on January 1st, I took off running and did everything but simplify!

I scheduled teaching a new class, committed to helping out with YouTube video's, took on a new art challenge...and made a list of several other projects I wanted to accomplish...put a lot of things on the calendar that left no room for painting! Not good for an artist.

So here I am for my first readjustment of the year...and I know there may be a few more...because that is what happens when you're trying out something new and unfamiliar, like simplifying is for someone who is used to being in the busy may take a few adjustments and alterations to make it fit just right.

So... I'm eliminating all unnecessary commitments from my to do list and focusing on just painting. Giving myself the time and permission to explore and play with paper and paint and see where it takes me.

I'm starting here by covering up old paintings on canvas and cradle board, giving them a new start by laying down a fresh layer of papers...papers from my spiral notebook that I use to clean off my brayer when Gelli printing. They are some of my favorite papers and color combinations.

So this is what simplifying look like to me right now. Slowing down and taking my time with some fresh starts on new paintings and a fresh reboot to this new year.

I hope you'll stick around and see where it takes me!

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