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Abstract Paint

Five Artists

Our F1VEart Paints One Traveling Painting is complete! You’ve been following the journey from its beginning with to @denisecerro who passed it to @susie_zol and then two more stops with @anngolumbuk and @mostamanaz.

To begin, we gave each other time and permission. As the painting evolved, each artist contributed more than just a few brush strokes. Our alliance nurtured appreciation and respect for each others’ artistic energy. In the end, our collaborative piece reflects the variety of styles of five artistic friends.

The piece is dated and signed on the back by each of us, sealed with a layer of varnish, wired and ready to hang. It is a 24”x24”x2.5” wood panel.

Your chance to own this amazing piece starts tomorrow, Sunday March 28th at 8:00 am (PST). Each of the artists will post the finished piece on their page. The first person to comment SOLD in a post will be the lucky buyer!

Our initial price is $1000, and we want to give you an incentive to get 20% off and own this stunning piece for $800. We’ve got one simple rule for you...sign up for each artist’s email list, that’s it! We recommend you go to each artist’s profile and sign up for their newsletters prior to the 8:00am release time. You won’t want to miss your chance to own the first collaborative piece from F1VEart!

Thank you so much...

for following along for the last five weeks to see what each artist added (and sometimes subtracted) from this piece of art. What is so beautiful about this experience for me is the collaboration that went into it, and the careful consideration we gave to allow parts of each artists work to shine through and join together. This painting truly has a piece of each of us in it and we all throughly enjoyed the creativity and imagination that went into it and made it happen.


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