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Art Paper Archives

I'm in my studio this week, getting my game plan on for teaching classes again. It's been a little while and I know, along with loving to paint, it's a big part of who I am...I also love to share with people how to do stuff! So I'm going through supplies, notes and videos to get the ball rolling and thought I'd share a few things out of the archives along with a new video on collecting basic papers. So if you think you might want to be in one of my Mixed Media workshops coming up in May...this would be a good start in preparing for it.

Watch full video on papers here..

You may be thinking..."where do I find cool papers to add into my work?" Think no more, check out the video above for ideas on collecting everyday papers and how to be prepared to use them at a moments notice.

Papers are the one thing I love the most about mixed many wonderful and plain papers to be added in. I mostly use everyday scraps that I fine here and there, or specialty papers I purchase or I make some pretty special papers on my own. One of my favorites is

Citrosolv + National Geographic papers that I make. I used these papers in the piece below and added a video on how to make these magical papers...check it out!

I also love, love, love paper napkins. They are thin and delicate to work with, though once you get the hang of it they will soon become one of your favorites. I'm partial to these polka dot napkins and they tend to show up a lot in my work. I've also added a quick video on adding them into your art.

I have many more paper ideas to talk about in to lay them down, and then gather the courage to paint over your favorite papers if it makes for a better painting. Of course papers are just the starting point in mixed media...and every step of the way in an enjoyable adventure.

Stay tuned for more info to follow very soon on

Mixed Media workshops with me!


One more thing...

If you're local and interested in sharing your art with a small group of supportive artists, join us in the F1VEart Studio and Gallery on the evening of April 20th for Art Critique Night. We are limiting this free event to 15 artists (along with the F1VE artists) and look forward to seeing you and encouraging your art practice. You can join us through the link below, and we look forward to seeing you in the studio that evening.


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