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Abstract Paint

An Invitation To Show My Process


I was happy to be invited to do a video demonstration this week for the 

North Coastal Art Gallery  

Gallery Director Chuck Doser and coordinator Nancy Klaphakk were very gracious to invite me in on a Tuesday afternoon when the gallery is closed, pulling a table and tripod into the middle of the gallery and letting me do my thing!  This video was being done for the gallery members and offered up to them on my YouTube Channel.

Take a look ... and see how I lay papers down to get started on a piece of art.

I was also asked to jury the current 

"Show In A Show" 

that's currently up in the gallery. 

I was honored to be asked to jury the art in the Black & White titled show and make my selections.  This was especially challenging as these are prizes that would not only be 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Honorable Mentions...there is prize money to be awarded as well!  I'm always excited to be involved with artists getting cash awards!

I was also happy to jury the artwork in the main many wonderful artists, categories and artwork...such hard choices to have to make!  Though I did it...and loved seeing all the art from local North County artists!

If you happen to be in or visiting Carlsbad, make sure to stop in the gallery and see the show(s).  The Village Faire Center is an outdoor, coastal shopping exerience with wonderful eateries, coffee shops and great little stores to wander through.  Stop by or make it your destination this weekend. 

Another fun and inspiring week for the books!

How was your week?


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