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Signed and Stamped: the Cerro Seal of Authenticity

CERRO stamped signature plate

As a lifelong artist, I've signed my name in the corner of countless paintings and murals. The surest way to make your mark and let the world know who created a piece, is to add your unique touch that says, "This is me" - the signature.

"Bee Humble" assemblage art

But when your art is three-dimensional, textured, and made of wood, glass, paper, and metal, you have to get creative about how to sign it!

"Bee Humble" assemblage art back

In keeping with the tactile mixed-media nature of this art form, I am now making my own hand-stamped metal signature plates to attach to the backs of my assemblage pieces.

CERRO signature plate with card

I sometimes add a business card as well when space permits. The card provides more info, but the stamp is the part that says "I made this!" all the way down to the stamp itself.

aluminum blanks

I make a couple dozen stamped plates at a time, to have on hand when I get into creating mode. I purchase the plain aluminum blanks in large quantity here.

Then I hammer out my name one letter at a time with my letter punch set by Tools USA.

I love the physical process of punching the letters into the metal plate, creating a permanent inscription that you can actually touch and feel.

letter punch sets

My style is vintage, so I had to find a way to make the shiny silver plates look a bit more weathered.

Several CERRO plates with dark wax
Dark wax product

I use a water-based dark wax from Art Minds to give the letters some weight and lend a warmer glow to the metal.


Now I have a signature that's in line with the style of my work, and just as original as each assemblage piece. As with anything handmade, no two can ever be exactly the same.

Next time you stop by my booth at an art faire, take a peek at the back of your favorite assemblage for the Cerro stamp of approval!

Assemblage art back with CERRO plate

Browse more of my original assemblage art here on my website. SaveSaveSave

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