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Abstract Paint

This is where the magic happens!

Like a blank canvas ready for my creative vision to appear, my clean workbench welcomes me in the morning.

The interior of my studio

My happy studio is in a small shed attached to my home. I've done a lot of work to make it a homey and inviting place to find inspiration and creative play.

My key to working in a small space is organization.

Reducing clutter and keeping tidy helps me start each project with a fresh mind.

I keep rolling carts with tools and supplies hidden under my workbench behind a curtain.

Carts under the workbench

The carts roll out for easy access when I need them, and tuck out of sight when I don't.

Of course, once I get started, forget being tidy! Let the chaos begin!

Soon my workbench will be covered with boxes, paper, glue, tools, and grout.

I start by pulling out trays and boxes of the small treasures I've collected, so I can easily grab whatever inspires me.

Almost everything around the home has potential: start doing assemblage art, and you will begin to see everything through a new lens.

I use all kinds of organizers to sort my assemblage components:

  • boxes and cubbies from estate sales

  • glass ramekins

  • vintage make-up trays

  • typeset drawers


Tools are easy to reach above my workbench so that I don't have to break my creative flow to go looking for something.

With everything in its place, my studio is ready for me to create something new!

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