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Abstract Paint

mixed media art series

Working in a series makes so much sense to me as an artist...and as a Capricorn! Ambitiously doing more than just one, being organized with supplies and ideas, working on several pieces with many layers at the same time...being creative along the way! I LOVE a series...why only do one when you have the paint out? You may as well do three of four while you're at it!

Here's a quick little video working on a small series (above), and below you can click the button and go to my YouTube channel for a bit longer video on painting a series, just to wet your whistle, or rather your paint brush! Hopefully this will get you thinking of painting in a series.

Another reason I love a keeps us from being too focused on one piece. It allows our mind and hands to play back and forth, moving from one to the other and actually frees up the creativity. The foursomes above found new homes...though I often work in series of threes and fours, so there are many more where those came from. I'll be creating another along with the students in my upcoming mixed media workshop.

Yep...this first Mixed Media workshop is going to be all about creating a series...abstract or more realistic will be up to you...and I'll be providing most of the supplies, the prompts, the techniques. May 21 is the date for this first of my all day workshops in the F1VEart studio at Liberty Station in San Diego. I'm excited to share all the details in next weeks post...I hope you'll stay tuned to find out more!

Have a beautiful Sunday my friends!


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